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We Help Good People Facing DUI and Criminal Charges

Find All The Answers To Your Questions Right Here.

If you are here because you have questions, want more information, or are looking for a lawyer, you have come to the right place.

  • The businessman or women who had one too many drinks
  • The college student experimenting with marijuana
  • The mom enjoying a night off
  • The young professional enjoying a night out with friends
  • The person caught in a roadblock or speed trap

These are all hard working good people that sometimes make mistakes or are even wrongly accused of a crime. Thankfully, we are here to help. Benjamin represents people in DUI matters, drug cases and felony, misdemeanor, or traffic charges.

Why has Benjamin been so sucessful? Three reasons: experience, connections, and ability to communicate his client's story. 

Quick Highlights

  • Former prosecutor
  • Avvo rated 10 out of 10
  • Super lawyers rising star rated
  • National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40
  • National College of DUI Defense, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Author of the "9 Secrets No One Wants You To Know About DUI Defense" and "The Truth About Hiring A GA DUI Lawyer: 12 Questions To Ask Every Lawyer and 36 Ways Lawyers Lose Winnable Cases"
  • Featured in the Atlanta Journal Consitutional

Top 5 Questions About Georgia DUI Cases

1. "How Do I Find a Lawyer I Can Trust?"

Look for a DUI lawyer that directly answers your questions, discusses the challenges in your case and has a good reputation. You should learn everything you face after one meeting and feel comfortable that your lawyer is going to try their best to meet your case goals....Run away from any lawyer that gives an ego boosting speech about how they are the greatest lawyer around. 

2. "How Do I Save My License?"

Start by hiring a lawyer to request a hearing within 10 days of your arrest to stop an automatic license suspension.

3. "What Consequences Do I Face?"

The big ones are mandatory jail time, 12 months probation, and a license suspension. For more info, watch a video about circumstances that can affect punishment in a Georgia DUI case.

4. "Will The Lawyer I Hire Make a Difference In the Outcome of My Case?"

Absolutely. The lawyer you hire will have the big impact on your case. A do-everything lawyer has limited knowledge of DUI law and can not keep up with the know-how and experience of a DUI only lawyer. You will find that most lawyers accept DUI cases regardless of thier experience because you are in a hurry to hire a lawyer and may not know how to find the best DUI lawyers.

5. "How Much Does It Cost To Hire A DUI Lawyer?"

The price varies from extremely expensive to dirt-cheap but price alone does not mean you are getting a great DUI lawyer. Some high price lawyers are just as bad as dirt-cheap lawyers. Learn how to get the most value from your legal fees.

Blue Print to finding the best DUI lawyerBlue Print to Hiring the Right Attorney

The most important step you can make after being arrested for a DUI is to hire an excellent DUI attorney. One that is also good fit for you. Lawyer-marketing tricks can make this difficult. To help you out, I created a free downloadable guide "The TRUTH About Hiring A Georgia DUI Lawyer". After reading this guide you will learn how to spot lawyer-marketing scams and learn how to avoid making the mistake of hiring a below average lawyer. You will also learn 12 questions you should ask every lawyer before hiring them. All you have to do is request a copy and it will be instantly sent to your email.

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Lawyer 

Questions About Your Case 

1. "Are You Really a DUI Lawyer?" 

  • Most lawyers that accept DUI cases are do-everything lawyers trying to make an easy buck by handling a DUI case. Be careful, You do not want a lawyer that dabbles in DUI defense. 

2. "What Real Experience Do You Have?" 

  • Years of experience in car accident or divorce cases is not real DUI experience. Look for a lawyer that only practices DUI law and actually challenges cases in the courtroom.

3. Tell Me About the Challenges In My Case

  • You should expect a very detailed description of how DUI cases are challenged and what the issues will be in your case. Below average lawyers will not be able to explain the process of defending DUI charges and may claim they need to see all the evidence before they can discuss the case. This is simply a diversion tactic to avoid your questions.

For more questions, dowload my free guide, "The Truth About Hiring A GA DUI Lawyer"


1. "How are DUI cases defended" 

  • Step 1 – Expose mistakes made by the police to keep evidence from being used against you.
  • Step 2 - Tell an alternative story to counter the police officer’s opinion. Build on your normal driving maneuvers, coordination during field sobriety tests, and the inaccurate guestimation of test results, if any, to support your position that you were not drunk driving

2. "How will my case be evaluated?" 

  • I have identified 5 key factors to evaluate your case and help choose the best strategy for your defense.

3. "Refused a Breathalyzer, What Next?"

  • You are in a catch 22. You may have a strong defense to the criminal charge but still face a 1 year license suspension penalty for refusing to blow. One option is to challenge the DUI refusal case; if you win or your charge is reduced, the suspension disappears. The other option depends on If you absolutely can not risk losing your license. In this circumstance, we may be able to make deal to save your license but you would have to agree to some type of a plea deal.

4. "Are There Defenses To A Blowing Over The Limit?" 

  • There are many defenses to the breath machine. They will always exist because breath test results are an estimate of your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). There are also many procedural defenses such as the 20-minute rule and government maintenance failures.

5. "Can A Lawyer Help Me Avoid Jail Time?" 

  • Yes, a lawyer can negotiate a plea bargain or speak directly with the judge to avoid increased jail time. A DUI lawyer also understands the circumstance that may increase jail time and how to work around those situations...If you win your case you no longer have to worry about jail time.

"Benjamin, you are different from other lawyers, why do provide so much helpful information?"

I am here to help you with your DUI case. This requires you understanding everything you are facing and the process I go through to meet your goals. Other lawyers cringe at the way I "give away" all this information but none of it is a secret and it does not replace a great DUI lawyer. You deserve to know what you are going through.

You can make a huge mistake by hiring the first lawyer you meet out of panic. Before you hire a lawyer, take a minute to explore my educational website where you will find answers to your all your questions. A good place to start is with reading an Action Plan After a DUI Arrest.  You can also download a free copy of a Action Plan Check List to be sent to your email.

Top 25 Ways We Can Help You

Explain everything you will go through after a DUI arrest

✔ 5 factor case evaluation

✔ Calm your nerves

✔ Avoid jail time

✔ Allow you to focus on work and family

✔ Save your driver’s license

✔ Reasonable fees

✔ Payment plans

✔ Experienced representation

✔ Find any loopholes

✔ Get evidence thrown out

✔ Negotiate a deal in your case

✔ Treat you with respect

✔ Keep you updated

✔ Perform an extensive investigation

✔ Stay on the cutting edge

✔ 24/7 phone messaging service

✔ Free e-book

✔ Free action plan

✔ Extensive legal research

✔ Get evidence tossed out

✔ Well prepared

✔ Technology advantage

✔ 24 hour phone call or email policy

✔ Reputation advantage

Warning your license will be suspended within 10 days of your DUI arrest

Warning: Delay Can Ruin Your Case And Cause You To Lose Your License

You only have 10 days from the day of you DUI arrest to stop an automatic license suspensions. It is critical you request a hearing in writing or your license will be suspended on the 31st day. The 10 day rule does not give you a lot of time to act. If you are in a time crunch and have not decided on the lawyer you will hire yet, give me a call and I will provided you a free GA 10 day letter with instructions. I can also handle it for you for free.

Serving These Cities and Counties:

Cobb County, Marietta, Smyrna, Kennesaw, Acworth, East Cobb, Vinings, Atlanta, Roswell, Sandy Spring, John's Creek, Alpharetta, Duluth, Gwinnett, Dunwoody, Brookhaven, Douglasville, Woodstock, Catersville

You Deserve to Know the TRUTH About Your DUI Case!

From your first meeting with Benjamin Von Schuch, you will go through an extensive overview of your case so that you know exactly what to expect. You will get to know the charges you face, any potential issues that you may have in your case, and the best strategy for defense of your DUI. Then, you will get the help you need from a skilled DUI defense attorney to file your ten-day letter appealing your driver’s license suspension.

Protect Your Future with an Experienced Atlanta DUI Lawyer on Your Side

As a former prosecutor and established member of the National College of DUI Defense, Benjamin has a deep understanding of what it takes to fight your DUI charge in Georgia. DUI laws change quickly and Benjamin works hard to stay on top of this fast-moving field of law. He was voted by other lawyers to receive a ranking of Super Lawyer Rising Star. An award limited to the top 2.5% of lawyers under 40. With Benjamin, you do not simply get another Marietta Criminal Defense Lawyer but your get one that limits his practice to DUI and related matters. He deals with the same circumstances that you find yourself in on a daily basis.

When you work with Benjamin, you put a DUI lawyer on your side that understands the risks you face. Working strictly as a DUI lawyer and regularly attending events for DUI defense attorneys, Ben is well immersed in the law and understands exactly what you need in order to stay protected from the potentially severe consequences you face. With his help, you can be confident that you will get the best possible outcome in your Atlanta DUI case.

Planning the Best Strategy For Your DUI Defense

One of the most important functions your attorney can perform is to make sure your case strategy aligns with your desired outcome and goals. Your DUI arrest may impact your differently than others. Benjamin needs to know this. You will have the opportunity to tell your story, explain what happened and discuss how your DUI charge has affected your life. This information will help Benjamin focus on ways to challenge your case and develop the best plan for your situation.

One of the first steps you can take after your arrest includes writing down all your questions so they can be answered during your meeting. You can also find all your answers on this website but Benjamin will not let you leave his office until you have a full understanding where your case is heading.

Reasonable Attorney Fees for a DUI Lawyer in Atlanta

The cost of hiring an Atlanta DUI Lawyer is an important factor but it should not be your number one concern. You should also be concerned with real DUI experience, training, skills, service and reputation. With Benjamin, you are getting quality representation not just another lawyer.

Benjamin’s fees are not the cheapest but they are also not the most expensive either. He understands you have limited legal dollars to spend on your defense and offers reasonable pricing and optional payment plans. You pay for the value you receive not just one price fits all. You will quickly learn the service he provides is worth the extra cost.

Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer Focusing On DUI Defense

You do not want just any other criminal defense lawyer to represent you. DUI cases are different from other criminal cases and even have laws that only applies to DUI charges. Benjamin limits his criminal law practice to only handle DUI and related matters. This means you get a lawyer that deals with the same situation that you are in on a daily basis and has the know-how to provide you with the best defense. Now is not the time to hire a lawyer that dabbles in drinking and driving cases. If you are going to spend your hard earned money on a lawyer you better get one that knows what they are doing. Almost any Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer will accept your case but only a few really know how to effectively defend you. Do not let your lawyer lose a winnable case. 

Benjamin Von Schuch
Benjamin Von Schuch

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense Criminal Defense

We help good people facing criminl charges. Right now, you may have a lot of questions and concerns about what may happen. That is perfectly normal. Call now to speak with a lawyer that can answer your questions and help you get through these tough circumstances. One bad situation should not ruin the rest of your life.

DUI Defense DUI Defense

You know a DUI can cost you jail time, license suspension, and a permanent record; how do you avoid these consequences? Hire a DUI defense lawyer that knows how to challenge and defend your case. Ever aspect of your case must be investigated with a fine-toothed comb looking for mistakes and errors. This can be the difference between losing and winning your case. Learn the stages of a DUI case and how to challenge each phase of you arrest. Being arrested for a DUI does not mean that you are guilty.

Save My License Save My License

One of the most devastating consequences of a DUI is losing your driver’s license. For most people there is no other realistic transportation option in the Metro Atlanta area or around Georgia. Each DUI charge actually has two cases that can affect your driver’s license: the administrative license suspension case and the criminal DUI case. Learn how to guide yourself through the two cases and how they may affect your driver’s license.

DUI Penalties DUI Penalties

The shocking truth is that every DUI case is serious and has a mandatory jail sentence. Atlanta laws have changed from the past where you walked out of court with you license in hand after paying a $300 fine. Learn the penalties that you face and the circumstances that your judge will consider when deciding your punishment. 

Traffic Offenses Traffic Offenses

How much is this going to cost me now? Will this suspend my driver’s license? How much will this cost my insurance to increase? These are the biggest concerns anytime someone gets a traffic ticket or citation. Many times hiring a lawyer can save you from these consequences. Don’t let a small traffic offense snowball into a much bigger problem.