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DUI Lawyer 678.948.7811

Avvo rated 10 out of 10

Super Lawyers Rising Star

Former prosecutor

Criminal Defense    DUI


DUI Lawyer 678.948.7811

Avvo rated 10 out of 10

Super Lawyers Rising Star

Former prosecutor

Criminal Defense    DUI

Find The Answers To Your Questions Right Here

My case was dismissed because I found the right lawyer.

When I faced my own charges, I knew it was important to find the right lawyer. I started with a good referral, checked the lawyer's reputation, and asked a bunch of questions in a face to face meeting. Afterwards, I knew I found the person for the job. Ultimately, the charges against me were dismissed. That's right dismissed! I know that would not have happened if I did not take the time to find a lawyer that was a good match for my case   - Benjamin Von Schuch


Top 5 Questions About Georgia DUI Cases

1. "How Do I Find a Lawyer I Can Trust?"

Look for a DUI lawyer that directly answers your questions, discusses the challenges in your case and has a good reputation. You should learn everything you face after one meeting and feel comfortable that your lawyer is going to try their best to meet your case goals....Run away from any lawyer that gives an ego boosting speech about how they are the greatest lawyer around. 

2. "How Do I Save My License?"

Start by hiring a lawyer to request a hearing within 10 days of your arrest to stop an automatic license suspension.

3. "What Consequences Do I Face?"

The big ones are mandatory jail time, 12 months probation, and a license suspension. For more info, watch a video about circumstances that can affect punishment in a Georgia DUI case.

4. "Will The Lawyer I Hire Make a Difference In the Outcome of My Case?"

Absolutely. The lawyer you hire will have the big impact on your case. A do-everything lawyer has limited knowledge of DUI law and can not keep up with the know-how and experience of a DUI only lawyer. You will find that most lawyers accept DUI cases regardless of thier experience because you are in a hurry to hire a lawyer and may not know how to find the best DUI lawyers.

5. "How Much Does It Cost To Hire A DUI Lawyer?"

The price varies from extremely expensive to dirt-cheap but price alone does not mean you are getting a great DUI lawyer. Some high price lawyers are just as bad as dirt-cheap lawyers. Learn how to get the most value from your legal fees.

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Benjamin Von Schuch - outside sitting, profile.jpg

Meet Benjamin

Helping Good People 


Meet Benjamin

Helping Good People 

Making a Difference In Your Case.


Benjamin focuses on helping those that are facing a DUI or other criminal charges. Before Benjamin decided to open his own law firm, he gained invaluable trial experience as a prosecutor handling thousands of cases. Once he jumped ship, he found enjoyment in the freedom of building a law practice that fits his vision for helping people and giving the best advice possible.

The most important trait of a good trial lawyer is the ability to tell a story in a persuasive way. This is really the heart of a lawyer’s job; to tell a client’s story in a way that convinces judges, prosecutors, and jurors to understand and agree with their situation. For Benjamin, storytelling comes naturally. He has always enjoyed retelling stories from any event in life: a weekend hiking trip, a night with friends, or a family holiday. Now, he uses those skills to help people charged with a DUI or other criminal charge.

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Quick Highlights:

 Former Prosecutor

 Avvo Rated 10 out of 10

 Super Lawyer Rising Star

✔ National Trial Lawyers Top 40 under 40

 National College of DUI Defense

 Reputation and Results

✔ Wake Forest Law School

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1. "Are You Really a DUI Lawyer?" 

Most lawyers that accept DUI cases are do-everything lawyers trying to make an easy buck by handling a DUI case. Be careful, You do not want a lawyer that dabbles in DUI defense. 

2. "What Real Experience Do You Have?" 

Years of experience in car accident or divorce cases is not real DUI experience. Look for a lawyer that only practices DUI law and actually challenges cases in the courtroom.

3. Tell Me About the Challenges In My Case

You should expect a very detailed description of how DUI cases are challenged and what the issues will be in your case. Below average lawyers will not be able to explain the process of defending DUI charges and may claim they need to see all the evidence before they can discuss the case. This is simply a diversion tactic to avoid your questions.

For more questions, dowload my free guide, "The Truth About Hiring A GA DUI Lawyer"



Questions About Your Case 

1. "How are DUI cases defended" 

   Step 1 – Expose mistakes made by the police to keep evidence from being used against you.

   Step 2 - Tell an alternative story to counter the police officer’s opinion. Build on your normal driving maneuvers, coordination during field sobriety tests, and the inaccurate guestimation of test results, if any, to support your position that you were not drunk driving


2. "How will my case be evaluated?" 

   I have identified 5 key factors to evaluate your case and help choose the best strategy for your defense.

3. "Refused a Breathalyzer, What Next?"

   You are in a catch 22. You may have a strong defense to the criminal charge but still face a 1 year license suspension penalty for refusing to blow. One option is to challenge the DUI refusal case; if you win or your charge is reduced, the suspension disappears. The other option depends on If you absolutely can not risk losing your license. In this circumstance, we may be able to make deal to save your license but you would have to agree to some type of a plea deal.

4. "Are There Defenses To A Blowing Over The Limit?" 

   There are many defenses to the breath machine. They will always exist because breath test results are an estimate of your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). There are also many procedural defenses such as the 20-minute rule and government maintenance failures.

5. "Can A Lawyer Help Me Avoid Jail Time?" 

   Yes, a lawyer can negotiate a plea bargain or speak directly with the judge to avoid increased jail time. A DUI lawyer also understands the circumstance that may increase jail time and how to work around those situations...If you win your case you no longer have to worry about jail time.

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Hear what others have to say!

Reviews and Endorsements


Hear what others have to say!

Reviews and Endorsements

Client Reviews 

Shocked faces

I am 100% certain that without Benjamin Von Schuch's legal assistance and expertise, I would not have had my case dismissed. I had so much to lose, as I was in the process of interviewing with some high profile companies requiring background checks.

Bernard S. - San Jose California

Mr. Von Schuch's outstanding efforts allowed me to focus on my academics as a full time student. He helped me beyond what I expected which helped bring me reassurance in a time of crisis. He handled my case extremely well and for that I sincerely thank him. Trust me when I say that the Atlanta area is his stomping grounds!

Randy F. - South Carolina

I found Benjamin very good to deal with.  He took the time to meet with me and listen to my case and learn about me.  I was not just a number to him.  He explained how the process would work and what I could realistically expect.  His rates were reasonable and he got my case dismissed."

Jon - Marietta, Ga.

Benjamin handled my case with my best interest at all times. From our first meeting until my court date, all the details were handled with attention to detail and excellence. The outcome of my situation was far better than I anticipated. It felt like a big brother took over my situation and relieved a lot of what could be bad stress.  I definitely recommend Benjamin to family, friends, and whoever may get the opportunity to read this!

A.W. - Lawrenceville, Ga.




“I would never hesitate to recommend Benjamin to handle any criminal defense matter. He has an unparalleled knowledge of procedure and a deep understanding of how the rules are applied. He also has great relationships with district attorneys and Judges. All of this combines to make Benjamin one of the finest defense attorneys in Atlanta.”

 Kevin Toole, Attorney at Law Offices of Kevin S. Toole, LLC

“Benjamin exemplifies everything one could ask for in an advocate. He is not afraid to take on tough cases and possesses a rare blend of intellect plus personality. Most importantly, he is passionate about helping people. For those in need of a criminal defense attorney, Benjamin Von Schuch should be your first, and last, call.”

 Matthew Lavallee, Attorney at Daley, Koster & Lavalle LLC

"Ben is a diligent, knowledgeable, and hardworking attorney. His experience as a prosecutor, including substantial trial experience in high-stakes matters, leaves him well equipped to provide effective and efficient representation to clients facing criminal charges. I would refer clients to him without reservation.”

Ed Marshall, Attorney and Partner at Arnall Golden Gregory LLP